Jim McKown’s 1977 Chevy pickup came to Street & Performance with the LS-1 in the bed. He wanted the S&P installation team to
complete the install with all the necessary wiring and bracketry to make his truck into a fuel efficient, high performance and dependable daily driver.
Jim wanted to update his ‘77 with an LS-1 to have the fuel efficiency, performance and dependability that the LS-1 offers. These engines are readily available in salvage from the ‘98-’02 IROC/TA and the ‘99 up 4.8 - 5.3 - 6.0 small blocks or the 8.1 big block from trucks. The 6.0 and the 8.1 are not as fuel efficient but are better suited for towing due to the torque that these two engines develop.
When getting an engine from salvage, be sure to get the computer, mass air flow and all oxygen
Jim delivered the ‘77 to Street & Performance with the used 5.7 IROC engine and 4L60E transmission that he found at his local salvage yard.
Larry Harrison installs the S&P engine motor mount adapter  plates to the LS-1, which positions the factory engine mounts to the correct frame location
The factory mounts are then bolted to the S&P adapter plates. S&P recommends the use of
anti-seize compound on all bolt threads.
Jim wanted to use the factory exhaust manifolds. The drivers side manifold had ample room,  the passenger side had to have some of the manifold ground away. S&P provides headers for this
With the engine setting on the front mounts, the factory LS-1 alternator and P/S cleared the frame rails, but the factory LS-1 air compressor had to be removed and will be relocated.
The rear cross member was moved forward using a GM rubber transmission mount.
Mounting the S&P upper passenger side AC bracket and idler kit to install the Sanden 508 compressor.
The compressor was then mounted to the bracket using a Good Year Gatorback belt #4060970 which is 97 inches long.
Jim wanted to use Datoka Digital instruments which requires relocating the coolant temp sensor from the head due to the  heat from the exhaust manifold. To accomplish this, you can drill the top of the water pump outlet boss and tap to the size that is required for your sending unit. The use of wheel bearing grease on the drill bit and tap will help to keep the shavings from falling into the water pump.
Larry installed the Dakota Digital instrument
cluster into the ‘77 dash.
The cross flow radiator has the inlet on the top
passenger side and the outlet on the lower
passenger side. The transmission cooler is in the driver side tank.
The ‘77 cross flow aluminum radiator was ordered with dual electric fans from Griffin.
The Griffin radiator came with a provision for the steam line that comes off the cylinder heads. The lower hose is a Goodyear # 60867  and the upper hose is a Goodyear # 61331
The colum shift turbo 400 transmission linkage was adjusted to the 4L60E transmission, however this will not allow the driver to force the transmission into first gear.
16mm O-ring to AN6 adaptor fitting was used to connect the presure side of the factory power steering pump to the gear box with Aero-Quip hose.
The gear box uses a 18mm O-Ring to a male AN6 adaptor fitting to attach the pressure hose.
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The oil bypass plate located on the drivers side above the oil filter was drilled and tapped to a 1/8  pipe thread. A S&P 1/8 pipe / 45 degree adapter is used to move the sending unit away from the exhaust.