We contacted Advance Adapters for the engine mount kit and the 4L60E transmission to the Jeeps transfer case adapter. We installed the transmission adapter which allows us to use the 128 thousand pulse per mile signal for the vehicle speed sensor. Advance Adapters also has a 40 tooth reluctor ring in the adapter kit. Parts can be purchased as a kit or individually. Advance Adapters also has a kit for a manual transmission. These kits come complete with detailed instruction sheets.
We put the output shaft from Advance Adapters into the transmission, then installed the reluctor ring onto the shaft. We used the adapter with the speed sensor to locate the reluctor ring on the shaft.
After bolting on the 6 bolt speed sensor housing, we then used a feeler gauge to set the gap between the speed sensor and the reluctor ring to .030 to .060 as recommended by Advance Adapters. Once the gap was properly set we then tightened the set screws using loc-tite.
The new 5.3 was lowered into the engine bay for a test fitting of the engine and transmission mounts.
With engine mounts fitted, we then installed the rear cross member with the Advance Adapter transmission mount and JEEP skid plate.
LS-1 Motor Mount Plates come
complete with all metric and standard bolts.These plates will allow the LS1 engine to bolt to the
factory Chevy V8 motor mount and locate the engine in the proper place. Rubber mount pictured on plate is not included.
LS-1 - LS-6 Motor Mount Plates
Allows you to bolt LS-1 to Original
V-8 Motor Mounts on most all vehicles with Chevrolet V-8 motor mounts
 Advance Adapters passenger side engine mount uses the rubber biscuit mount. This is an easy bolt in.
The old 40,000 mile six cylinder engine and transmission removed from the Jeep. One of the
reasons for needing more performance was the 33 inch tall tires and 4:11 gears. This combination would not provide enough mid range to top end power. Another problem was that since the Jeep was not driven much, the carburetor was always having problems. We found a New 5.3 crate engine and 4L60E transmission. We then had to purchase a starter, computer and Mass Air Flow. This swap can also be done with late model used truck, IROC/TA or Vette engines. When purchasing a used engine, be sure to get the computer, Mass Air Flow, O2 sensors and, for emmision type vehicles, get the rear O2 sensors  
In 1981 this Jeep, that now belongs to Clinton Campbell of Dallas Texas left the
factory floor with a straight 6, but in the fall of 2003 he drove it away from
Street & Performance with a 5.3 truck LS-1 type engine and a 4L60E transmission. Clinton wanted more performance, drivability and,
with the recent enforcement of emission laws in Texas, he needed to be able to pass emissions.
1.Corvette Balancer
2.IROC/TA Balancer
3.C/K Truck Balancer
Should have a new tightening bolt when replacing balancers. Tighten to 110 ft lbs. Then back off bolt one turn. Retighten to 35 ft lbs and then turn bolt a addional 140 degrees
The transfer case adapter is bolted to the 6 bolt speed sensor housing.
The completed Transmission and transfer case. Note the large round plug on the passenger side is where the transmission wiring harness is plugged.
We installed a 26 gallon fuel tank with the in tank fuel pump assembly because the new engines require 50 to 60 lbs of fuel pressure. In tank pumps are more reliable because the pump is kept cool in the tank and it only has to push the fuel and not pull.  Canister filters can not be pressurized in the first two seconds that the key is turned on. Billet type filters are designed for carburators and will not provide the fuel flow needed.
S&P offers a kit that uses a GM GF481 stainless fuel filter with 16mm O-ring to AN6 fittings and mounting bracket. This kit is used when running one line up and one line back.  S&P also offers quick disconnect and braided rear exit fuel line kits for most fuel injected engines.
LS-1 oil pressure manifold. Vettes comes with factory sending unit, but must be replaced with your gauge sending unit. IROC/TA and others have to be drilled and tapped to accept your oil pressure gauge sending unit.
98 IROC/TA’s come with a three prong coolant temp sensor part # 12551708. On all other engines we convert to this unit so that we can use GM type gauges. This sending unit also supplies the computer with the engine temp. The Street & Performance wiring harness has the connection for this three prong sending unit.
99 Up Vette fuel filter kit will allow you to run a single fuel line to the engine if desired.
Clinton decided that he did not want the big truck manifold, so we installed this chromed Corvette manifold in its place. We then mounted the S&P chrome accessories to match the
Lowering the new 5.3 truck engine into the engine compartment.
‘97-’98 Corvette's use an in and out fuel rail like the truck style engine. ‘98 - 2002 IROC/TA use a single fuel line like the ‘99 up Corvette. All single fuel line systems can be converted to the dual line system. Dual line systems have the advantage of always having cool fuel on top of the engine which provide less chance of vapor locks in hot weather and with most factory or after market tanks, it is easier to run one line out and one line back. When using a fuel injection system it is imperative that you use a filter that is for fuel injection. These filters are designed to allow 50 lbs of pressure and a flow of 40 gallon an hour. Canister filters can not be pressurized in the first two seconds that the key is turned on. Billet type filters are designed for carburetors and will not provide the fuel flow needed.