Camshaft Bearing Removal

Tools Required

J 33049 Camshaft Bearing Service Set

    Object Number: 63163  Size: SH


    A loose camshaft bearing may be caused by an enlarged, out of round or damaged engine block bearing bore.

  1. Prior to bearing removal, inspect the camshaft bearings for loose fit in the engine block bearing bores. Refer to Camshaft and Bearings Cleaning and Inspection .
  2. Repair or replace the components as required.
    Object Number: 66100  Size: SH

  3. Select the expanding driver (4-8) and washer (2 or 3) from the tool usage information.
  4. Assemble the J 33049 .
  5. Insert the tool through the front of the engine block and into the bearing.
  6. Tighten the expander assembly (15) nut until snug.
  7. Push the guide cone (1) into the front camshaft bearing to align the tool.
    Object Number: 63219  Size: SH

  8. Drive the bearing from the block bore.


    To remove the front camshaft bearing, operate the tool from the rear of the block using the guide cone in the rear camshaft bearing bore.

  9. Repeat the above procedures to remove the remaining bearings.
Tool Usage Information
Tool Assembly and Operation
  1. Select the proper expanding driver and washer from the expanding driver and washer information.


  2. Place the expanding driver onto the expander assembly.
  3. Check to ensure that the separation lines between the segments of the expanding driver align with the separation lines of the expander assembly.
  4. Place the guide cone over the driving bar, with the small end of the cone facing the driver assembly.
  5. Place the driving washer over the threaded portion of the expander assembly.
  6. Screw the expander assembly, with driving washer, onto the driving bar. It may be necessary to install the driver bar extension for removal of the inner bearings.
    Object Number: 64183  Size: SH

  7. Insert the tool into a inner camshaft bearing and tighten until snug. Operate the tool from the front or rear of the engine block. On some engine blocks, the nut on the expander assembly is inaccessible except from either end. In this case you must use a socket and extension to enlarge and reduce the expander assembly.
  8. Slide the nylon cone into the front or rear camshaft bearing. This will properly align the tool.
  9. Drive the bearing out of or into the engine block.
  10. Repeat the procedure for the additional inner bearings.
    Object Number: 63219  Size: SH

  11. For the 2 end bearings, front and rear, remove the nylon cone and driver bar extension.
  12. Drive the bearings out of or into the engine block.